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Anna during safari guide training

 Safari Guide training

 Borana, Kenya - Nov 2017  

 © Image - Anna Safari Guide 

About Anna - Bronze KPSGA Safari Guide

Born in Sweden, I grew up in the countryside, swimming in lakes and exploring pine forests. Passionate about nature from a young age, I always had a desire to explore the wonders beyond Scandinavia.


When I was just three years old, my grandparents returned from Africa (their one and only overseas holiday) - every time I visited them, that photo album had to come out! During my twenties I spent time living in New York and Australia. Eventually relocating to London, I immersed myself in wildlife/conservation lectures. I longed to visit Africa and that dream finally came true in 2005, when I travelled with Born Free to visit their projects in Kenya. My life would never be the same.

In 2007 I returned to East Africa, to climb Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro (5895m/19,341 feet) - raising money for Tusk Trust. Reaching the summit (Uhuru Peak) is one my proudest achievements. Further safaris to Kenya followed, always involving visits to conservation projects I support, such as Amboseli Trust for Elephants and often in the company of my late dear friend and mentor, Lynne Leakey. Lynne was one of the first female naturalist guides in East Africa, a true trailblazer - her influence will always be with me.

Elephants have always been a particular favourite of mine since watching David Attenborough’s documentaries on the legendary ‘Echo’. In 2012 I spent three weeks as a research volunteer with Utopia Scientific as part of Stanford University’s elephant research project in Etosha National Park, Namibia. Studying these wondrous animals fuelled my desire to take my wildlife passion to another level. (See video below).

The next step for me would be becoming a part time Safari Guide  - what an impact my grandparent's photo album had on me!


In 2017 I undertook a 28 day intensive safari guide training course with EcoTraining in Borana, Kenya. To say I loved this experience is an understatement! It was a challenge but I learnt so much and am so proud that in addition to receiving accredited certification from EcoTraining, I also passed the additional Bronze Level Award with the Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association (KPSGA). I'm honoured to have been made a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS) in 2019. In 2022 I completed an East African ornithology course for Guides in North Laikipia, Kenya.

I'm planning to run a couple of safaris a year (I have created an exciting itinerary but can suggest other trips to fit interests, timescales and budget) and would love to share my passion for Kenya with others, so safari njema anyone?

At the top of Kilimanjaro. Tanzania, October 2007

Research volunteer - Stanford University/Utopia Scientific. Namibia, 2012

My dear friend & mentor, Lynne Leakey. Nairobi, Kenya 2013

In addition to EcoTraining accreditation, I also passed the Bronze Level Award with the Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association - November 2017

28 day intensive accredited safari guide training course with EcoTraining in Borana, Kenya - November 2017

I have actively supported wildlife conservation organisations for many years and will share my passion and knowledge during my safaris

© All images - Anna Safari Guide

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