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Kenya is a country of such beautiful contrasts. You're probably familiar with the sprawling wildlife filled savannahs as shown on TV but there is so much more to discover - stunning highlands, expansive National Parks and intimate Conservancies, vast lakes and impressive mountains. Wildlife also varies by habitat, in addition to the well-known 'big five' (buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhinoceros), a vast array of smaller mammals, birds and other fascinating creatures form part of the awe inspiring Kenyan web of life. One thing that doesn't change is the warm welcome offered by Kenyan people across the country.

I am proud to be a qualified safari guide - you can find out more about my training and accreditation here.



I will never forget my first visit to Kenya. I travelled with a wildlife charity to visit their projects, in addition to experiencing the wonders of a traditional safari I also learnt a great deal about conservation. My goal is to now share this knowledge and passion with others – bringing the wonders of this amazing country to life for those who may not have visited before. I can suggest itineraries to fit interests, timescales and budget. Please do explore the other pages of my site to find out more (I have created an exciting itinerary but can suggest other trips to fit interests, timescales and budget) or contact me directly for further information, I would love to hear from you.

Warm wishes, Anna

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